The weather is hot, is your wind lidar difficult to breathe?



With the arrival of June, many provinces are in hot weather. Molas B300 lidar measured ambient temperature is above 40 °C as shown in the figure above. As a outdoor product, can the wind lidar be able to withstand high temperatures? According to the editor, most of the wind lidars on the market can be used normally at 40 °C.        

    As a widely used ground-based wind lidar, Molas B300 has good environmental adaptability and can be used normally in 50 °C environment.At the same time, Molas B300 uses air-cooled heat dissipation, and the inlet and outlet are equipped with filters (similar to automotive air conditioning filters). Especially in the long-term use of dusty environment, it is inevitable that the filter will be blocked.Under high temperature conditions, the clogging of the filter will make the lidar difficult to breath(dissipate heat),and in serious cases, the lidar will not work properly or even cause a malfunction. Therefore, the user needs to check and replace the filter regularly.

    Filter maintenance cycle
The filter is replaced every 4 months under normal circumstances. If the air quality in the use area is poor and there is more dust, it is recommended to shorten the replacement period to 3 months.Depending on the temperature of use, the filter change cycle can be flexibly extended or shortened: in higher temperatures (above 30 °C) it is recommended to shorten the replacement cycle to less than 3 months; in lower temperatures (below -5 °C) there is no need to change the filter.

    How to judge ?( you can ignore when the filter is replaced regularly)
1. View through the client software (the network is installed), the basic information of the lidar - the internal temperature display ‘alarm, please check the filter’, as shown below.


Filter replacement tips
2. Inspect the filter on site, if the filter is seriously blocked, especially in the use environment above 30 C, please be sure to check and clean or replace the filter .

How to change it?


When replacing the filter, please ensure that the direction of the arrow of the filter is pointing correctly, and the direction of the air inlet and outlet is the same. Please refer to the video for the replacement method.